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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Weekly Reflection T3W1

WHAT:This week it was the first day back at school .We have an new inquiry it is art. We had 4 questions they were: What is art?,What is an art movement?,What is the purpose of art? and What different types of art are there? I think art will be fun for our inquiry.We might do heaps of art we have all ready done something. It is on my blog it is called inquiry. We also did a piece of writing about our holidays. I wrote and drew my things. My story is about 13 lines long.

SO WHAT: I learnt that how to play a ukulele.

NOW WHAT: I have achieved my goal which was to listen to my teachers. So my new is going to be to learn my timetables off by heart. 

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  1. Jaxon I really like your work because you have a lot of detail in your weekly reflection.